How to change the soft close cylinders on a Pressalit toilet seat

Though first thing to do is to remove the toilet see we should just lift off these are the soft clay cylinders which are used this is the mechanism that creates the soft one so to get these are chambers or barrels that are inside the toilet see so it’s getting these out of the toilet there are series of grooves and locks that this sits into so they won’t just pull out simply you have to get the scene into a correct position to be able to remove them and generally.

If you put a small screwdriver in that’s what’s going to pull that out but you need to lift the see and it’s only when you’re in a certain position that they will release so just a matter of finding that right position is normally 90 degrees when the C is angled to the toilet so this is the cylinder itself and as you can see this little grooves lines it’s shaped.

So it has to go in in the correct and certain position just make sure it’s a large remember that you need these holes seem to lose the bottom of the sea to pick back up off the hinge but I just tilt it you see ups and down which you will find the right location for that just to slot back in again.

So once you’ve got the cylinder back in it’s just a matter of replacing the C and toilet. okay make sure that you haven’t got a large gap see besides that you may need to loosen off the hinges and adjust them so that these are seen really snug and tie their epic again you will lose that soft clothes if there’s too big a gap either side here but that’s yourself hinges replaced you. Learn more about toilets, toilet seats and different tips tricks on ShopToilet blog.

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